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Difference in quality

Welcome to LetsFloatSg first blog post! 
I'm here to answer all your burning questions and also to update on our progress and trips from time to time! 
So..... for today! We will answer the most frequently asked question! 

"What's the difference between your floats and others' floats? In terms of pricing as they look the same!"

LetsFloatSg's floats have been sourced from so many different suppliers initially as we aim to look for the ONE with the best quality. You will be surprised at how you think the floats all look similar but the material, quality, even to the inflation valve; they are so different! At long last, we found the best supplier and factory!  
We self-manufactured certain floats such as the drink floats, baby floats, and ensure that the floats are up to our expectation. We have a tight relationship with our supplier. Occasionally, we will feedback to her on which designs might be popular and she will manufacture a sample for us.
Now, let me explain why the pricing of our floats and others' are different. Let's take the unicorn float for example! 
The pictures above are our unicorn floats. It is proportionate - the head, the body and the tail. And customers are able to lie comfortably on them!
Now here are other unicorn floats that I found online: 
Now, look at this unicorn float. The head is similar to our float, however, the body of the unicorn is much smaller. The lady will not be able to lie down. The tail looks large too. I believe this is because the manufacturer made the body of the float smaller hence the proportion was compromised. This in turn will affect the pricing of course. The material is lesser hence the price is lower :) 
Another example I've seen online will be the pizza float.
The above pictures showcase our pizza floats. Our pizza float is able to fit 1 person comfortably, and even up to 2! :) 
This is an example of a pizza float that I found online. It is significantly smaller but if there wasn't a person on it, you would have think that it is the same as ours in terms of the design yeah? Haha. Hence, the material use is definitely lesser, thus lower cost! 
There are many more examples but it will be impossible to showcase everything. In conclusion, we just hope to let you know that we pride ourselves in our quality and design. As many people might not understand the differences and why our prices may be slightly higher than others, thus we hope to clarify ourselves :) 
But of course, if you prefer the other floats, to each his/her own! Ultimately, floats are meant to have fun with your friends & family! :)
I hope you have a splashing good week ahead!
Stay tuned to our next post x

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