About us

LetsFloatSg is a local business own by myself and a very supportive partner that concentrates on bringing fun to all ages! Be it for a pool party, event, staycation or a vacation, we provide floats at reasonable pricing for rental and purchases.

It started off as a fun trip to Bali with my friends. Since then, it has been a tumultuous path for LetsFloatSg. Lots of tears, sweat, rejections, hard work and it is still an ongoing journey!

We are aiming to be bigger and better, definitely. We have tried and tested from many different suppliers and even though the products may look the same, the quality is certainly not. Hence, we take pride in our quality and our branding.

We hope to bring you all a wonderful experience with our floats! 

#1: Enjoy the company of our floats with your friends, your partner or your family.

#2: See the world, take in what it has to offer for you.

#3: No stress allowed. Have fun and be a child again on our fabulous floats!

Enjoy and take on the world with our awesome floats! 

Lots of love,
Founder of LetsFloatSg