Why buy from us?

1. Quality Assured! 
We have compared our floats with others that are selling at lower prices and their material is very thin hence easier to get damaged! Feel free to compare our quality with others
2. Warranty!
Floats are exchangeable within 5 days once you receive them. Do check to ensure that there are no defects and no holes. 
3. Service!
We aim to deliver efficiency and great service to all our customers. Express delivery? Done. Exchange faulty floats? Done. Unhappy experience? Please let us know what went wrong and will ensure that we will do our best to make it right! :) 
4. Free Shipping!
We offer free local courier delivery for purchases $70 which most of the floats are applicable! Be it for gifting or rushing for your vacation? Trust us to deliver them to you on time. For rental, we also offer affordable pricing for fuss-free delivery to your place - no need to lug the floats back home!
5. Routined Checks
We check our floats before and after you rent them. This is to ensure that you are renting a piece that is not damaged and in good condition to use. In any case that there are any faults in the floats upon using, please inform us immediately as sometimes, due to human error, we may overlooked the tiny hole.