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To place an order or corporate orders, kindly email to
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Any warranty for purchases?
A: We encourage customers to check on the floats preferably on the day of receiving it. Floats can be exchangeable if there is severe defect such as a tear. Exchanges are allowed within 5 days and in brand new, unused condition. Upon usage, floats are not allowed to exchange!

Q: My floats have stains; are they considered defects?
A: Stains are not considered defects as they are inevitable during manufacturing process. The floats have really large surface & they are heavy to manoeuvre. Some customers may find the floats to be dusty and powdery but that is normal as powder are sprinkled on new floats to ensure that they don’t stick together.

Q: What are the material used for the floats?
A: They are made from thick eco-friendly PVC material!

Q: What are the shipping fees and delivery timeline?
A: We offer complimentary shipping for purchases above $100. For purchases below $100, it will be a flat rate of $5. Delivery takes 2-5 days.  

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! We ship internationally via DHL Express. Shipment fees will be borne by customers.

Q: How long do you take to ship locally?
A: We hire courier services for all of our deliveries! For normal deliveries, it will take around 2-5 days! We also offer next day delivery and same day delivery! Cut off time for orders will be before 6pm. If orders are placed after 6pm, next day delivery will occur the day after whilst same day delivery will occur the next day. For urgent orders, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to accommodate :)

Q: Why are there floats that are similar to yours selling at a lower price?
A: There are all sort of similar designed floats around. For example, the rainbow unicorn, pizza, etc. However! They might be cheaper due to poorer quality, and especially different dimensions! I have seen floats that are so small that can barely fit one person on it. But their pictures are the same. Thus, lesser material, poorer quality = lower cost and lower price. So buy them at your own risk! We usually post pictures that are taken by our customers and ourselves hence they are true to pictures :)