Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How can I contact you asap?
A: Please whatsapp us at +6584343619, answering enquiries from 12pm onwards. For urgent matters, you may call us at the number

Q: How do I rent the floats?
A: Choose the floats you want under the RENTAL tab, then fill in the RENTAL FORM or simply whatsapp us at 84343619 and we will get back to you asap!

Q: Do I need to rent the pump?
A: It will be highly recommended for you to rent the electric pump as it can inflate and deflate the floats. Moreover, it is really lightweight! About 800g and palm sized!

Q: Do I have to make payment beforehand?
A: Yes, after confirming on the availability of the floats and dates, we will send you a confirmation message to get you to transfer the rental amount to our bank account to book the floats and dates. We work on a first payment first serve basis. Floats will only be booked for you upon receiving payment.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: Payment is non-refundable and non-cancellation. If there are any unfortunate circumstances, we will convert the amount as store credits for future usage. We have reserved the floats for you hence it won’t be fair if you cancel at the very last minute

Q: Do you send out invoices or any confirmation emails? 
A: We do not send out invoices but if you specifically request, we can do that for you! I understand that some of our renters might be renting on behalf of companies etc. When we receive the rental amount, we will reply you indicating that we have received the money. Hence, that serves as confirmation that your booking has been received by us.

Q: Is LetsFloatSg a registered company?
A: Yes! It is registered under ACRA

Q: Do you check the floats before handing over to us?
A: Yes! Definitely. As we have to check the floats after the previous renters had return to us. This way, we are also ensuring that the next renter will get their floats in good condition. 

Q: How heavy are the floats and pumps?
A: An estimate of the smaller floats (donut, pretzel) are less than 1kg. For the bigger floats (swan, watermelon, flamingo, pizza), they will be about 1.5kg. For the electric pump, it is about 400g.


Q: Do I need to put any deposit?
A: Yes, deposit will be $60 per usual float, $100 per seashell float, $40 per donut float, $10 per donut drink floats and $20 per electric pump. This is to ensure that we will be compensated in case floats are damaged upon returning. We will then assess the damages and deduct accordingly. This is basic responsibility and courtesy thus we seek your understanding if this situation indeed happens

Q: Will deposit be returned to us upon returning?
A: Deposit will be return to you after 1-3 working days via bank transfer. We need time to inflate the float and to make sure that they are not damaged. It is not possible to inspect them on the spot as some floats are really huge. Do not worry, we will not run away with your deposit! 


Q: Where are the collection points?
A: Self collection near Boon Keng mrt at the moment due to high volume of rentals! It is extremely tiring to lug floats to and fro places. As for mrt pick-up, it will depend on our availability as well but we try our best to accommodate you as we understand that you may need to rush off for your trips/staycations! Alternatively, you may choose to have them delivered to your destination at a fee.

Q: How do I return the float(s) and pump(s)?
A: Please return them neatly packed, clean and dry please! Ensure that the floats are not wet inside and outside.

Q: Do you check the floats before handing over to us?
A: Yes! Definitely. As we have to check the floats after the previous renters had return to us. This way, we are also ensuring that the next renter will get their floats in good condition. 


Q: What if I want to rent them for more than 7 days?
A: For an extra day, we charge $3 - $4 per day (depending on the float price/design). For eg: Unicorn for 9 days, it will be $26 + ($4 x 2 = $8) = $34.

Q: What if I want to rent them for one day only?
A: We do rentals for 7 days, 5 days and 1 day. So yes! One day rental is available.

Q: What if I want to rent them for 2 or 3 days? 
A: For rental of 2, 3 and 4 days, prices will be according to the 5 days rental price. For rental of 6 days, price will be determined from the 7 days rental price.

Q: Any discount for bulk rental?
A: Yes! For events/parties rental of floats, please contact us at 84343619 or email us at :)


Q: Any warranty for purchases?
A: We encourage customers to check on the floats preferably on the day of receiving it. Floats can be exchangeable if there is severe defect such as a tear. Exchanges are allowed within 5 days and in brand new, unused condition. Upon usage, floats are not allowed to exchange!

Q: My floats have stains; are they considered defects?
A: Stains are not considered defects as they are inevitable during manufacturing process. The floats have really large surface & they are heavy to maneuver. Some customers may find the floats to be dusty and powdery but that is normal as powder are sprinkled on new floats to ensure that they don’t stick together.

Q: What are the material used for the floats?
A: They are made from eco-friendly PVC material!

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! We ship internationally via DHL Express.

Q: How long do you take to ship locally?
A: We aim to deliver as soon as possible, preferably within 3 days via courier! For urgent orders, especially if you need the floats within 3 days, please contact us personally at 84343619. We will be able to deliver to you on the same day if we have the design you want instock.

Q: Why are there floats that are similar to yours selling at a lower price?
A: There are all sort of similar designed floats around. For example, the rainbow unicorn, pizza, etc. However! They might be cheaper due to poorer quality, and especially different dimensions! I have seen floats that are so small that can barely fit one person on it. But their pictures are the same. Thus, lesser material, poorer quality = lower cost and lower price. So buy them at your own risk! We usually post pictures that are taken by our customers and ourselves hence they are true to pictures :)