Float Rental

For 1 day rental, renter can choose to collect the night before and return on the actual day of usage (night time). Or renter can choose to collect on the day of usage and return the next day. 

For 5 and 7 days rental, rental will be counted as soon as renter pick up the floats.
Eg: Collection on 1st April and return on 7th April (7 days)
If renter wish to rent after 7 days, each day will be an additional $4. 


Deposit is $60 per float and $20 per pump.
Deposit is fully refundable after floats have been returned and thoroughly checked that there are no damages (holes/tears/badly stained).
Deposit will be refundable via bank transfer within 1-3 working days.
If you have any questions, feel free to WhatsApp +65 84343619